Choral Fixation.
mixed by space_mike

Don't worry, it's not gospel. Not that there's anything wrong with gospel, but it might be the first thing you think of when you hear the words "choral fixation."

The 56 minutes of house music in this unedited recording are perfect for tuning out anything from a whole class period to a morning commute. It's also good to dance to. At least some of it. I remember going wild on the dancefloor when elkay's friend Tristan played "Mouth" at a rave in Detroit. But nobody else really got into it so I dunno. The sound quality of this mix is not the best because I think my cross-fader is starting to fail.

The cover art is chinky because the mix was recorded on Chinese New Year weekend, 4703.

  1. aaron carl / ghetto snaps <motor city electro co.>
  2. andres / express <mahogani>
  3. dj bang / dj bang make you jiu-jitsu <classic>
  4. somore / i refuse (r.i.p. deep dub) <i! records>
  5. todd edwards / move to tears <i! records>
  6. data 80 / no more lies <force tracks>
  7. luomo / tessio (mathias schaffhausen rmx) <force tracks>
  8. mark farina / do things <om records>
  9. iz & diz / mouth (brad peeps mix) <classic>
  10. paul johnson / she got me on <yellow productions>
  11. moodymann / answer machine <KDJ>
  12. iz & diz / mouth (greenskeepers mix) <classic>
  13. dj nasty + aaron carl / southern fried <mcec>
  14. translucent / rhythm <red hot>





© 2005